Driveway Cleaning Las Vegas

As a home owner, if you need to have your driveway professionally restored, hiring a local driveway cleaning las vegas company to do the job is something that you may want to consider. Or, for commercial property owners, business owners, or those who manage these properties, there are several driveway cleaning las vegas companies that can be hired, to professionally clean and restore the driveway of these properties, to ensure a quality clean, and to give them a brand new appearance. Regardless of how dirty the driveways are, where they are (commercial or residential), how deep of a cleaning you need, or what size the driveways are, the top professional cleaners are going to have the experience and expertise, as well as the equipment to handle any job.
When choosing the driveway cleaning las vegas companies to do the job, customers must consider:
– customer reviews (from former customers, as well as from those who use the cleaning company for repeat services – in reading various consumer reviews, not only can you find the most highly rated companies, you can also eliminate those that are not going to be the top professionals in the local area);
– how long the company has been in business (the longer they have been in business, and the more expertise they have, the higher the quality of the work and cleaning you can expect);
– what kind of driveway cleaning the companies do (commercial, residentail, or both);
– the equipment and machinery that is used (from pressure washers, to chemicals and cleaning solutions, choosing the cleaners and companies that use the best equipment, is the only way to ensure the best deep clean); and,
– what the companies charge for the job (whether they charge for the size, the type of driveway, or the time it takes them to complete the cleaning services being rendered).
Each driveway cleaning las vegas company is going to have different pricing determinants, and will make different promises to their customers; but, making sure you hire those cleaners who have been in business for long periods of time, and have a steady customer base, are some of the things you should look for when choosing the cleaning company to do the work.
In considering these factors (and any others that are important to you as a home or business owner), you will eventually find the most affordable rates, and the top driveway cleaning las vegas companies in the local area. So, whether the timeliness of the services is most important to you, or whether you are more concerned about the pricing that is going to be charged, there are different companies that you can turn to, and get the best services, regardless of which factors are the most important to you when you are ready to choose the driveway cleaning company to do the work.
Depending on the size of the property, and whether it is a one time job, or you will require repeat services (on a monthly basis, or more often) for commercial property owners, you may also want to consider getting in touch with larger, well known driveway cleaning las vegas companies, as they might offer some kind of discount, or lower pricing rates, due to the fact that you need services on a continual basis. So, for property owners, or business owners who will continually require these cleaning jobs, considering the companies that do offer discounts or lower pricing for repeat customers, is something to look for prior to deciding on the companies you are going to hire to do the cleaning work on your properties.
As there are so many professional cleaners, especially in such a large city like las vegas, it is critical that the home owners, building and business owners, and the property managers take the time to compare the local companies to do the job. The more time you take in selecting the companies, and in comparing their qualifications to handle any task, the better the chances are that you will end up choosing the most qualified driveway cleaning las vegas company, and the ones who have the best crew doing the cleaning, and find the most affordable pricing for the cleaning services that are going to be rendered.

Las Vegas Driveway Cleaning – Ways to Get your Driveway Looking Clean

You work hard to take care of your home, and to keep your yard looking beautiful. What about the driveway? People don’t really give much thought to their driveway, but it is just as much a part of your home as the yard. A messy driveway can really make the outside of your house look less than desirable. What kind of impression do you want to make to people? Imagine if you are trying to sell your home and what people will think of your home if they see a dirty, oil-stained driveway? If you want your driveway to be clean, here are some ways to get your driveway sparkling clean.

The removal of oil and grease: Probably the worst stains on your driveway that you can have, but removing them is not that hard at all. Here are some ingredients you’ll need to remove the stains.Kitty litter (if you don’t have kitty litter than you can use corn starch or baking soda, at least two boxes of each)A brand new scrub brush (the reason for it being brand new is because you want those bristles to be as hard as possible to really get that stain scrubbed out)An outdoor broom (it has to be a broom that’s made for outdoor use because the bristles are thicker and stiffer)Powdered soap for dishwashers, powdered laundry detergent or a two or three liter bottle of soda one and a gallon size bucket
How to remove the stain if the oil and grease is fresh

It really is best to use the kitty litter. The reason the kitty litter works best over the baking soda or corn starch is because they do not come in the giant bags that kitty litter comes in. Cover the stains with the kitty litter because it will absorb anything, then take the outdoor broom and begin to work it in circles. What you are doing is grinding litter into the stains. Let it set for about an hour or two, then simply sweep it up.

How to remove the stain with detergent

Get your bucket and pour in your detergent and just remember that the more you use the stronger the solution will be. Grab your garden hose and add the water, which will start making the soap solution. You can either pour the solution on the driveway, get down on your hands and knees and use the scrub brush to scrub the stain, or you dip your broom in the bucket and scrub your driveway this way.

How to remove the stain with soda

This is one of the easiest ways to remove the stain. Get your big two or three liter bottle of Coca Cola (Coca Cola is very strong so it’s best to use the real product versus a store brand. Pour the soda all over the stain, then scrub it with the outdoor broom, and then just hose the driveway off.

What happens if none of these work?

If the soda, the laundry detergent, and the kitty litter don’t work then there are options for cleaning solutions available at your local hardware store. Please be sure and exercise a lot of caution when you use them and wear thick rubber gloves to protect your hands. Also be aware that the strong cleaners can also damage your driveway if not used properly. The good thing about the soda and detergent methods is that you can use them many times without causing damage to the concrete.

Hire a professional power washer

There are professional power washers that will come to your home and power wash your driveway. The water comes out extremely hard, and the force of it will be sure and take off a lot of stains. There are plenty of companies that perform driveway cleaning Las Vegas. If you are unsuccessful at removing your driveway oil stains give one of these companies a call.

The driveway is where you park your car, but it is more than just where your car sits during the day or night. A driveway is an essential part of the outside of your home, and you want to make sure its maintained too. If you have a lot of stains on your driveway there are ways that you can clean it including ingredients you have in your home or strong cleaners you can buy from a home improvement store.

Car Plows Through Front Yard Damaging Driveway and Landscape In Las Vegas

In the video above you’ll see the crew from cleaning the driveway and repairing the landscape after a car lost control coming around a curve in the road and plowed through the landscape and the driveway of this home in the Del Webb comunity of Henderson Nevada.

Driveway cleaning and oil stain removal is their specialty. Coincidentally, the car that lost control and plowed through the driveway busted the oil filter after running over a large boulder in the landscape nearly sending it through a wall of the house.

If your property has been damaged by a vehicle in any way and has left tire marks and oil stains on your driveway, be sure to call to have your oil stains removed properly.

Driveway Cleaning In Las Vegas


Most homes throughout the Las Vegas valley reside in HOA communities that take great pride in keeping up the curb appeal of the homes within the HOA. Driveway cleaning in Las Vegas plays a major role in keeping up that curb appeal along with clean and well maintained landscapes.

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